The Flesh-Rot Swipe-Right 80/20-STD is A World-Wide Blight

It was crisis so quickly escalated, because our karma quickened it’s speed,  and

it tainted our future chance of fundamentally, being able to be. For far too long  we did not heed, ancient wisdom of ethically conservative sexual ways to be, and this virus attacked us most vulnrably at our indecisive vanities! Some blamed a smart conservative Incel with a vast knowledge of chemistsry, because the virus was intelligent, and activated on a over-active-partner pH balance swapping chemistry; or a improper balance of testosterone, and estrogen… since he was obviously bigoted of the lady-men, take that as you will, it definatly said something about him….The radical right called it God’s curse, but every moderate mind knew it was much worse, it was a man playing God, and that waz due to double down on the worst effects to all of us, just because he was unhappy at the loosing odds of the 80/20 dating game. For those who survived this angry entitled male rage, they were traumatically-transformed, with horrible-hideous disfigurement, and permanently-inproxy insanity. Now they would live barren, unable to procreate, because the disease, flesh rotted all sexual organs, leaving bubbly scared-scabby-smelly-skin! What he didn’t count on was a fatal, loose-all probabilities where no one can win! This same imbalance of the dating scene, would mean, 80% of the women were off the dating board, for good, somehow in his anger the incel must-have misunderstood, he infact killed a vast amount of the world’s supply of motherhood, when he thought he was saving family, he punished us all in inability. So his plans definatly weren’t any nobel, or any good, and they were definatly alt-right as to say, an alternative to doing the right or good. Now we all have to live with his crippling over de-population, short sight! So let it not be forgot, that over done retaliation is always a blight, and never richously-right !

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