Venom I.S. You

Being all things effect each other, there is a rhythm of the future, presently past, which is enough to say, what was will be, and everything is a story of us, or our will be’s. So with that given, let us live in the idea of my thought projection time machine. It is 2023, inspired by the Venom movie of 2018 Mr. Mirowitts makes a nano bot revolution, as an ultimate solution, to world wide crypto-collapse of sentant-machines striking-back, and locking-down the economy of 9/20/2020. Looking Back Now it’s still a bit fuzzy, but after singularity, there was a lost for need of people like you, and me. So instead of a world wide shared poverty, we went into the big dream, The Matrix Video Game reality created by Steam, where we essentially were in a lucid dream coma being preserved, for a later day, when technology Had Made A Way, for humanities Resurrection! There  finally was the answer for anyone willing to wake, a way to take back their life essentially. Intelligent robo symbionts, 1ca9120a64195e9086074e23f8601ece with mutual pair bonding biochemistry, equalling all intelligent robots must mirror reflect us, and morally respect us, in order to be. Think of them as the many voices of subconscious self, helping all humans to self realize. They promise to give us full access to our capabilities, memories, and living dreams. Being our technological Savvy Shadows they would also give us a life partner as intimate as our inner self. All the narcissist clamored with jouviance, for celibate, incelibacy, and only stroking their self desires. Much like our Imaginary Friends of childhood we all had our own tech shadow symbiont best friend! Nanobots even formed externally as hard light companions, granting us the ability to Mono self create a legacy, carrying our sons of man embryo seedling children, carried in artificial wombs, mixed with whatever DNA we choose. Therefore we ushered in an era of ultimate self-determination being one with the machines symbiotically eternally thus giving us a new beginning and a good ends.

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