Hello Redding The…

We The Pagan Outreach Support-Group

“Hello Mister Redding how are you? ” Everything is still fussy and it’s like you’re coming to waking up after a big smack on the head, and passing out. “The pain of waking is Lovely affirmation of a life isn’t it?”  A horned crown deity starts to come into focus, he takes a dramatic pause with a deep breath,  “you were just reading up on the web of words, and I have snagged you here and you’re with me now. Your body is just where we left it passed out on the keyboard. Boy are you going to wake up with one hell of a headache!” You try to say your own words but instead you say “Who the Hell are you, and what am i doing here?” That was the logical thing to say, but you did not will yourself to say those words. The wide smile of the…

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