Saturnism VS Satanism

Have you ever wondered why Satan was just referred to as the Prince of Darkness not the king? Is it because the greater spiritual minds of the world knew very well that he is a Fall Guy *pun intended*, so if Satan is not the King of Darkness, who is the King of Darkness, Tim Curry? 841ef307e71c8c4d7ee2d50e999ad81aWell think about this, Hell is said to mean means God’s judgment, which is straight forward, and you cannot enter God’s kingdom without first passing through his judgment. Also think about El meaning God, Hallel being a name of a sun God, so it is no stretch of the language to say going to Hell is going to God, and God is Hell. Granted Hell is the wrathful side of God in this vantage point, but didn’t we just loop the Sun God Jesus into this, is he also a son who decended from heaven?Screenshot_20180910-055846.jpg Well the son is also the father, in this confusing form of the Christian Trinity so?Screenshot_20180909-205856.jpgOk promise to try not to get dizzy…. so the Sun God who is both the Son & The Father is actually…The house of El…giphy (1)

Screenshot_20180910-061013.jpg(Wiki definition) Ēl (or ’Il, written alephlamedh, e.g. Ugaritic𐎛𐎍Phoenician𐤀𐤋;[1] Hebrewאל‬; Syriacܐܠ‎; Arabicإل‎ or إله‎; cognate to Akkadian𒀭translit. ilu) is a Northwest Semitic word meaning “god” or “deity“, or referring (as a proper name) to any one of multiple major ancient Near Eastern deities. 

King of the Gods
El, the Canaanite creator deity, Megiddo, Stratum VII, Late Bronze II, 1400-1200 BC, bronze with gold leaf - Oriental Institute Museum, University of Chicago - DSC07734.JPG

To reassert and to simplify this for you, El the Father of the God’s, trains his sons on Earth, when one sets away his immature ways, and faces his ultimates fears/suffering, rising above his trials, he become a Father, even tho he was a son….Now to go a step further than that, knowing Christ is like unto a Sun God who battles his brother the Moon God (which is the sun at Night, or the Dark Sun aka Satan). The 2 sons are in a eternal struggle, to see who will be the next Father of the sky. God is their father the sky itself, and the king of All Light & Darkness, both Sun & Moon; So all that in mind, Satan can ascend to the throne if he becomes responsible, but has he already, in the Form of an Elder God? To cut to the chase, Saturn a DARK SUN, is the King of the God’s, and a Elder God of creation coming from the darkness, bringing light; Therefore he is like the more mature ascended Satan, comimg from a time before time which the Chaos of the cosmos is organized after a big messy Godly gang bang of light, and coming to terms with darkness.giphy (1)   Some of this is symbolic, but still. 

I know that video is nuts but….God the creator embodies the highest wisdom of all, which is the Light in the Darkness, and the Darkness in the light. That is why this infomation you get in videos like above has you going in circles, because God, Satan, and Jesus are personified best under one name Saturn, (The balanced light & dark King of the Gods) *if you minus the fact he ate his children, which wasn’t so balanced… but that was symbolic, for Devowering the ignorance of childhood, via a suffered right of passage into adulthood*.

Dad stop eating me alive, ok i will grow up… Jesus!

Satanism & Christianity are lesser truths, to the message of balance, and sacrafice of childhood ignorance through long suffering diligent work, so Saturn is the harvester of the devine moments, aka The God of Order havested from Chaos, the King of God’s, Saturn…. who defiantly one ups, the general adversarial message of Satanism, which is more like adhearing to the words of an arguable snot nosed prince, when the King’s words out rank him, and the King clearly gets in just as much dizzy headed drunken mistake making orgy trouble like, accidently creating the human race, on a seven day drunken drinking binge!god-naming-whales-call-this-one-a-humpback-lol-angel-10223187

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