Making A Loki Altar

a4e058c09d456fb59806524b2aeb76a9--altars-the-maskThe full artice that we got our prime info from is linked here, but we shared, the KEY  important parts of the article for your Loki altar needs to get set up to start working with our favorite Chaotic God!                                                        (Offerings to Loki by Del Tashlin


Loki isn’t a very picky God, so any offering made with a clean heart and sincere devotion is never rejected. However, He does have favorites….

Alcohol: As it is traditional in Norse rites to drink and libate alcoholic beverages in the name of our Gods, alcohol is a pretty typical offering to make. From my experience, He tends to like bad Whiskey (especially a brand named “Old Granddad” – I do not kid), cinnamon-flavored or other spicy liqueurs, spicy rums, or mulled wine. Mead is also traditional, but sometimes He can get bored with it, since so many offer it to Him. He’s never above a good beer, although I’d suggest staying away from the really light ales; I’d stick to heartier brews, and especially autumn-themed or flavored beers, like pumpkin ale. (And although He’s usually cool with cheaper things, when it comes to beer, I find He gets angry when offered Keystone, PBR, Corona, and the like. Chip out a few extra bucks if you’re going this route.)

Foods: Loki likes sweet foods, sometimes bordering on sickeningly sweet. Candy (Atomic Fireballs, Pez, Pixie Sticks, etc), cookies/pastries, caramel apples. Speaking of apples, He also seems to like red foods, like Red Velvet Cake. He also likes things with a lot of pepper-spice, or even just the peppers themselves; habeneros seem to be a favorite.

Incenses/Smells: I always think of Loki when I smell cinnamon, mulled wine, Dragon’s Blood, Cotton Candy, or peaty whiskey. He seems to enjoy these scents best, but really anything that is strong but not overwhelming, alluring and androgynous (stay away from femme-y perfumes or super masculine colognes).

Acts of Service: Loki is particularly happy when you do work with children, especially those who have been through a disaster, are disfigured, or orphaned. He is also pleased when His devotees speak up and tell the truth when everyone else in the situation is avoiding it for whatever reason. He smiles upon work with the mentally ill, especially those who suffer because of trauma (PTSD, for example). Donating to causes that look after those society tries to hide or forget, like the homeless, addicts, veterans, the elderly – He is happy when someone remembers their suffering and does something to ease it, even if it’s only giving a dollar to that beggar on the subway or spending one afternoon a year performing at the local retirement home. Loki especially appreciates those who emotionally support those who are reviled or outcast because they live in truth, whether it be about their religion, their sexual orientation/gender identity, their choice of career, or whatever else that sings in their heart.) 

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