FB Owes You More!

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We The Pagan Outreach Support-Group

IMG_20180906_133958_574We the POS, as in to say we the lesser reguarded imperfect general public, who often live paycheck to paycheck, and live under crippling student loan debts, even when we did everything society has told us we need to do, some how we just scrape by, at best. We have turned to you FB, to sadly make us feel connected, to make us feel we had at outlet, to make us feel like people heard what we felt, related to our struggles, and were going to somehow make it all worth it. Well as a matter of fact, you made things worse. Yes you have recently been called out by various countries for all the peraonal data you been selling, yes you have become beyond all our wildest dreams, wealthy on the backs of We The General people of the world. With that in mind we may think you owe…

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