The Body Typology of Trump

Well if they have plastic surgery, i am thinking reading their face might not work?

We The Pagan Outreach Support-Group

  1. (Written as if by, Frankie Jay Pizzo) Habits render effects on the body, like if your a short sighted dim wit you’ll walk into walls a lot, therefore you might have a stupid flat face.  Therefore we now have an example of  where science meets our spiritualism, that person’s spiritual fate, has a lot to do with a stupid flat face! I’ve done many studies. That in partially include fondling, looking people up, as well as down, in, and out; Then added it to Gypsy family knowledge, with an appendix of books like “How To Analyze People On Sight” for scientific backing; Has resulted in yours truly, FRANKIE JAY PIZZO, being able to read bodies.

body reading

Here is an example in a video, where i body analyse Trump’s doughie face!

With classic tarot readings, or palm readings, you stand the chance of gathering iffy information. For example, you get a hold…

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